News: Glenna Bell; Kickstarter CDs; Austin, TX

Thought I'd check in and share some updates.  I'm in Austin, Texas, producing a record with a one-of-a-kind singer named Glenna Bell.  We've brought in a wonderful group of players, including the rhythm section from What Fair One Is This (Rick Richards on drums and George Reiff on bass.) as well as guest spots by Tim Rice-Oxley from the chart-topping English band Keane, and noted blues guitarist Johnny Nicholas, whose work with Asleep At The Wheel earned the group their first of many Grammy Awards.

As for my own record, we are very close to getting all the Kickstarter discs out.  It has been tough being on the road, with all of our stuff still in New York, while we have set up shop in Austin.  All the discs should be out by the end of the month.  Next stop: T-shirts.  Stay tuned.

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