What Fair One Is This Gets Official Release

I can't pretend to know how to launch a record these days, but I'm sure I'm doing it wrong. 

Awhile back, I made a record with Bukka Allen and George Reiff--a gospel record of sorts.  Old hymns, with a great set of musicians. George played bass, sang, engineered and mixed the record, as well provided a lot of creative direction. Turned out great.  David Byrne, who received an advanced copy, even called it 'a damn good record.'  But the would-be release of the album What Fair One Is This coincided with a lot of change and a certain amount of strife in my life.  Releasing an independent record often entails retaining a publicist and spending gobs of money on dubious PR efforts, and timing that with tour dates.  The whole enterprise can feel very narcissistic at times , not to mention overwhelming.  I did a small tour out West and sold the disc at shows, but I never properly released it.  Part of me also felt uneasy spending that much time and money on something that at times felt so self-centered.  That and so many other reasons that aren't relevant right now.

Last week, George was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer in his brain, liver, right lung and adrenal gland.  I became dizzy when I read the news and it has occupied so much of my thoughts these past few days.  George is a big part of the Austin music community and has worked with a massive list of luminaries such as Joe WalshTedeschi-Trucks BandRingo StarrDixie Chicks, to name just a tiny few.  Beyond that, he is a good human being.

As I was doing a couple laps at Barton Springs last night, I wondered what value could come from an official release of What Fair One Is This.  George came to mind. We aren't great friends.  But this is something I can do with my limited resources to help him.  

So, I am humbly offering What Fair One Is This as an official release, with all Bandcampproceeds for August going toward George's medical expenses, which are very high.  

To purchase the record via Bandcamp: https://mark-abernathy.bandcamp.com/album/what-fair-one-is-this

Or, if you'd like to skip the record and contribute directly to George, go here:  https://www.gofundme.com/georgereiff

The rest of the album release stuff I will sort out later, but for now, I want the bounce to go to George.  Please share, and please help.  

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